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My First Art Show

My first art show was the same week that I graduated. I was so excited to be done with school. I felt like I spent 30hrs + on campus getting all of my schoolwork done. School was important to me so I didn’t do too much out side of class that could have possibly interfered with my grades. So as soon as I walked that stage…it was time to let my hair down! Bye-bye books, bye-bye teachers, bye-bye annoying morning Dallas traffic (if only I could say bye to that forever) and hello F-R-E-E-D-O-M.

Since it was my first art show I really wanted to create something that left some sort of impact on people. Of course, selling my art would have been amazing but my intension was just to draw in people. I wanted to create something that I had never created before. I knew right away that the concept of my painting was going to revolve around music. I wanted to translate some of senses that music triggers. I must confess…. I cannot listen to music when I need to get serious about getting something done. If I want noise in the background I’ll put one of my favorite TV shows. When I put on music my imagination just goes crazy. I always see colors, movement and shapes. Imagine a lava lamp, that’s exactly what it looks like in my mind when I listen to music. The colors vary on the type of song, if it’s an upbeat song then the colors are super bright shapes moving around at a fast pace. I try to stay away from sad songs. If you notice the videos that I’ve uploaded on Instagram usually have a song that has a pop/electronic sound, that is the type of music I listen to when I don’t have to concentrate too hard.

The subject of my painting is a person with a pair of headphones and the person is pulling out the headphones a little while paint just gushes out. That’s how I feel like when I hear a really bomb song, I feel like colors just overload the speakers. Then to "up" my painting a little bit I used neon paint and brought a black light with me to the show.

The show was a success. I drew in a lot of people with my glow in the dark painting. I sold my first painting! And the best part of the night was that the people I adore the most were there to support me.

These people are the coolest peeps around with amazing talents. Check out their IGs! Starting from left to right: Irvin Rivera (my partner in crime and doesn't have an IG at the moment), Stephanie Ventura (Me -@untamed_arte), Briana S. Roker (@bsrthefashionista), Marissa Camarena aka Potsie (@potsiec), Sofia Mercedes Martinez (@sofmercedes), Angel Giron (@dazedgraphics) and the one holding the peace signs is Marvin Brock (@geek.edlifestyle).

More about the Art Show and How to Participate

The art show I participated in is called Pancake and Booze. I highly recommend any new artist to try it out. They host events throughout the country and I believe in other parts of the world as well. Here is a direct link to their website: There you can see dates of upcoming events, what they’re about, locations, contact info and most importantly how to submit your artwork so you can participate. You don’t have to be a painter to be in the show, they also have vendor sections for artisans, fashion designers, etc.

Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read future posts! Thanks again!

*Disclaimer: Not all grammar and spelling is correct.

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